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Elite Diagnostic Laboratories

Fast Drive-UpCovid Testing in Atlanta

No Appointment Needed. No Wait. No Out-Of-Pocket Cost. All Insurance Accepted.

Tests Available

PCR, Rapid Antigen, & Antibody

We are National CLIA and CAP accredited high complexity lab offering several types of COVID-19 testing. Results are accurate and available within 48 hours. Visit any of our drive through locations. No appointment required.

Nasal PCR

Cash Pay Test. Results Available in 30 minutes

Saliva PCR

Cash Pay Test. Results Available in 30 minutes

Antibody Test

Cash Pay Test. Results Available in 30 minutes

Rapid Antigen test

Cash Pay Test. Results Available in 30 minutes

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Using a nasopharyngeal swab OR Saliva Specimen, PCR tests for an active infection by looking for pieces of the genomic materials of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. The PCR test is extremely specific and sensitive, making it the most accurate test we offer.


$150 per test (Self Pay)
Insurance Accepted


The antigen test checks for active infection by looking for certain pieces of the proteins on the surface of the virus, or specific viral antigens which make up the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This test produces results quickly. The antigen test is faster however the results can vary based on a patient’s viral load present when tested. It is a practical option for patients needing quick results for work or travel requirements. These results are available within 30 minutes.


$100 per test (Self Pay)
Test Type Nasal Swab


The antibody test, also called a serology test, checks for traces of a past infection. We administer a EUA approved test.

This test looks for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 proteins in the blood to determine if you have been infected in the past. The body produces antibodies, which are proteins designed to combat viruses, and signs of antibodies confirm a past infection.


Finger Stick: $100 per test (Self Pay)
Insurance Accepted. Not covered by all carriers.


Why Choose

Elite Medical Associates for Covid-19 Testing?

CLIA Certified High Complexity Lab

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Experienced Team

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Mobile Testing Options

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Results in 48 HoursLab

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Performed By Medical Clinical Partner Elite Medical Associates

Elite Medical Association

Drive-Up COVID Testing is Best in Class

MAJL Diagnostics was founded by an Atlanta-based Emergency Medicine Physician and Entrepreneur to help find a way to resolve the current COVID-19 testing crisis in Georgia. We perform COVID-19 PCR testing, because it is the gold standard test. Our patients are evaluated in real time by a local team of Medical Professionals.

We have some of the fastest turnaround times in Atlanta, with reliable results typically arriving in 24-48 hours, or even faster. MAJL believes every person should have immediate access to the best COVID-19 testing available. No patient should wait to get a COVID-19 test. All patients—including the uninsured—should have easy access to COVID-19 testing, and that’s what MAJL Diagnostics Provides.


Testing is now available

As a National Clinical High-Complexity CLIA laboratory, MAJL is committed to supporting our nation by providing accurate Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our laboratory has the capacity to process hundreds of test per day which will save lives and get our nation back to their daily normal routines. We provide unsurpassed quality and patient care by following all mandated regulations and guidelines within our accreditation and certifications. With this continuous focus, we strive to provide excellence in all services provided.

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