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Board certified

Medical Doctor With Expertise In Functional & Integrative Medicine

As a Center for integrative medicine, we take a deeper look into each patient, focusing on the whole-body function for optimal health & longevity.

About Us

Achieve your healthiest self

Uncover the root cause of your health concerns and what’s right for your unique body through our Functional and holistic approach. We personalize care based on advanced testing, extended time with our patients, and genetic review for the highest expression of health.



of Experience



What Is

Integrative Modern Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based medicine approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. The premise is to treat the patient, not the illness, which is unlike conventional practice. The best part is it is almost entirely natural. It is also similar to integrated medicine, which focuses on mind-body health. This theory differs from conventional medicine practitioners whose primary focus is treating symptoms and diseases instead of looking at the person to uncover the root cause of their illness.

Our holistic Approach

Our treatments involve a combination of natural and leading edge therapies to make you feel better and slow aging at every stage.

How We Work

Whether it’s an individual consultation or a fully personalized plan, we help you in achieving your health goals.

We are a private medical practice out of network with insurance in order to provide the best leading-edge care available.


In-depth 1 hour long visits to uncover the root  of your health issues and provide leading edge care.


Advanced testing including Hormones, Key Nutrient deficiencies, and biomarkers of Aging

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